10-17-2021 HLE Board Meeting Minutes

25 MPH Speed Limit Approved

The Gallatin County Commissioners approved our petition for a 25mph speed limit at their April 3rd meeting. Go to our information page to see a copy of the Ordinance.

We installed two speed limit signs this summer. They will both be seen as you enter the subdivision. One on Moose Drive and the other on Buffalo Drive.

We have posted a NO HUNTING sign after we determine the correct language in consultation with law enforcement and the appropriate state agencies.

New Street Signs in Subdivision

We are in the process of putting up new street signs throughout the neighborhood. We are replacing damaged and missing signs and changing a few so they are all the same. We added signs for Bugle Drive and Coyote Drive which had been missing for years and also a new sign for the beginning of Valentine Lane. The private Valentine Lane sign will be moved to the edge of our subdivision. We also set the signs a few feet further away from the road with the hope that snow plowing will not interfere with the posts.

Earlier this year we created a small Buffalo calf logo for our letterhead and other correspondence. We made a small steel sign topper of the logo for each street sign. We hope it gives our neighborhood a logical identity and makes the signs more special.

We are be done with all street signs.

We also petitioned Gallatin County for a legal 25 mph speed limit. We have now added two speed limit signs.

We have posted signs regarding wildlife and hunting rules in the neighborhood. More on this later.


Bison Fencing

Go to our new INFORMATION PAGE to download a form that will enable you to receive up to $1000 to build protective Bison fencing at your home in Hebgen Lake Estates. This is easy to do and worth the time. I received $1000 for my fencing which was about 50% of the total cost – Bob Strand, President, Hebgen Lake Estates Owners Association.






Visit our new information page to see a map of our weed spraying permissions which was recently added. We plan to use this new page to add a variety of information of use to our residents.

in the future we plan to add more detailed information about the types of weeds we need to control as well as the types of herbicides we use.

We will also add information about financial grants for buffalo fencing, county and state regulations about wildlife and firearms in our subdivision, and street information including snow removal, dust control, signage, and speed limits.

We welcome input from residents regarding subjects that more information is desired. Just email your requests and we will try to accommodate you.