Board Member positions remain open to be filled. Interested HLE homeowners are encouraged to send an email to .Please include basic personal information and a brief account of work/life experiences.


  • Contractor has completed all harvest and hauling work and is now focused on post-sale rehab, which includes decommissioning of temporary roads, slashing of leaning trees, ensuring slash piles are compact and seeding of areas as necessary. This work has largely been completed east of Highway 191 but is still on-going along Rainbow Pt. Rd. and Horse Butte and will continue throughout the fall.
  • Slash piles will be open for firewood cutting AFTER rehab work has been completed and the purchaser is released from any further obligations within individual harvest units. Please contact the ranger station (823-6961) for updates on the status of firewood cutting in slash piles.
  • Slash piles will eventually be burned after sufficient drying time of the piles estimated to be not until the fall/winter of 2023 at the earliest.
  • After slash piles are burned, there will be follow up in a year or two to ensure  adequate ground cover is establishing in the burn pile footprint. 
  • Other planned work includes thinning, piling, and burning of small diameter trees to get better spacing both for future growth of the remaining trees and to enhance fire suppression effectiveness. This work will be on-going until complete and will likely take 2-5 years, depending on funding
  • Monitoring for adequate forest regeneration will ensure an adequate number of trees per acre are re-growing within harvest units that had a regenerating harvest. This is done in years 1, 3 and 5, post-harvest to determine that the requirement was met. If not meet, then a unit will be scheduled and planted with trees.
  • Additional monitoring will occur for weeds, and for the units on Horse Butte that were harvested to enhance aspen re-growth.

For the complete Hebgen Lake District Ranger’s status report, click on 2022 Annual Meeting Minutes under the “Meeting Minutes” menu tab of this webpage.


An HOA helps to ensure residents are held accountable to community restrictions, and that individual properties and common areas are well-maintained. This all serves one underlying goal: to keep the community appealing to residents and future residents while keeping property values high.  HOAs work to make people feel a part of the communities they live in. One of the many advantages of living in a community association is sharing with other members the costs of certain maintenance and amenities that are often too expensive for a single-family homeowner.  Weed spraying is the primary amenity provided by the HOA. All HLE members are legally bound to share those costs in the form of HOA assessments.


 Homeowner dues are $75 annually per lot payable within 30-days after their receipt. Please make out your check payment to HLE/HOA and mail to P.O. Box 638, West Yellowstone, MT 59758. Because of increased dues in arrears, additional collection measures have been enacted. Homeowners with delinquent dues are subject to 10% interest charges per annum on their unpaid balance, and a $25 late penalty fee per lot per year. Additionally, for property owners who have not paid their prior year (s) dues before December 31, 2022, the HOA intends to file Notices of Liens against their properties for delinquent amounts owed. For homeowners who have not paid their current 2022 HOA dues, interest will continue to accue on the unpaid balance until paid. If dues remain unpaid in the next calendar year, the HOA will also file Notices of Liens against homeowners’ properties for delinquent amounts owed. Note that lien amounts will include interest charges, late penalties fees, and filing, recording, and administrative costs of liens. Additional attorney fees and other costs incurred by the HOA will be charged to the property owner.


Hebgen Lake Estates routinely monitors for constituents in your drinking water according to Federal and State laws. The Annual Quality Water Report is designed to inform you about the quality water and services we deliver to you every day. Our water source is groundwater with two wells and 36 pressure tanks with 86-gallon capacities in the system.

The HLE WSD is pleased to report there were no violations for the monitoring period of 1-1-2021 through 12-31-2021.  For more details, see the file of the report and tables at Note “Some of our data in the tables are more than one year old, since certain chemical contaminants are monitored less than once a year. Our sampling frequency complies with EPA and State drinking water regulations.