Open the file below “HLE Weed Spraying Map” to see our current Weed Spraying permission areas. All areas in green are being sprayed for noxious weeds each summer. We also spray the areas along all roadways in the subdivision. If you want your lot added or removed from our spraying list please email us at to make the change.

HLE Weed Spraying Map



Residents can receive up to $1000 in grant money from The Yellowstone Bison Coexistence Program to aid in construction of protective fencing at their home in our subdivision. Use the form below to apply for a grant.

Bison Fencing



West Yellowstone does not provide service to our subdivision so you need to take refuse and garbage to a transfer station, have it weighed, and pay a small fee. Open the PDF below for information about the Transfer Station and their hours of operation.

West Yellowstone Transfer Station



Our streets are currently being plowed by Tri State Excavating. Their contract to do this work is managed as part of our Rural Improvement District by Morrison Maierle Inc, an engineering firm in Bozeman. If you need any information about our snow removal program you can contact James Nichelson at (406) 587-0721. James manages the contract with Tri State. For any issues or problems with the plowing you should contact Tri State directly. Chris Kuchar is the person to talk to at Tri State. His cell phone number is: (406) 640-0216.

Chris can be hired separately to clear individual driveways for a fee that varies from $15-25 per trip.  Chris typically comes out after snowstorms to clear the streets. Over time the snow piles up along the edges of our streets. While clearing the streets Chris will clear snow from driveway entrances for those people who are here in the winter.

If you are away he would not clear the driveway entrance so please contact him before you arrive if you plan to get here while there is snow on the streets. He should be observant about people who are here in the winter and will normally clear your driveway entrance.

You can also email the Hebgen Lake Estates Owners Association Board at if you have any snow removal problems. We will try to make sure the appropriate people are informed.



The Board previously petitioned Gallatin County for a 25mph speed limit in our neighborhood. The speed limit was approved by the Gallatin County Commissioners on April 3, 2018. Two speed limit signs have been put up and the ordinance will be enforced by Gallatin County. Her is the ordinance.

Hebgen Lake Estates Speed Limit Ordinance


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