New Street Signs in Subdivision

We are in the process of putting up new street signs throughout the neighborhood. We are replacing damaged and missing signs and changing a few so they are all the same. We added signs for Bugle Drive and Coyote Drive which had been missing for years and also a new sign for the beginning of Valentine Lane. The private Valentine Lane sign will be moved to the edge of our subdivision. We also set the signs a few feet further away from the road with the hope that snow plowing will not interfere with the posts.

Earlier this year we created a small Buffalo calf logo for our letterhead and other correspondence. We made a small steel sign topper of the logo for each street sign. We hope it gives our neighborhood a logical identity and makes the signs more special.

We are be done with all street signs.

We also petitioned Gallatin County for a legal 25 mph speed limit. We have now added two speed limit signs.

We have posted signs regarding wildlife and hunting rules in the neighborhood. More on this later.


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